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Does Vinegar Repel Bugs?


Using Vinegar for Pest Control

distilled-vinegarDoes Vinegar repel bugs, such as ants, spiders and other insects through its natural acidity? Created from a natural sugar source, such as fruits, vinegar begins as a sweet liquid solution and converts to alcohol through yeast fermentation. The addition of mineral salts and vitamins afterward creates the signature vinegar taste and aroma.

True vinegar ranges from 4 to 7 percent acidity. If you swipe vinegar across a surface, the acidic action quickly removes microscopic germs and oils. Insects avoid contact with acidic items, essentially moving to another area that is more comfortable for feeding and reproduction.

Baiting Those Pests

Some pests, such as fruit flies, seek indoor locations because food sources there are in abundance, from scraps trapped in garbage disposals to decaying bananas on a counter. Fruit flies, which have bright-red eyes, also harm outdoor edible gardens as they feed on produce such as developing tomatoes.

Does Vinegar Repel Bugs?  In the situation of a fly infestation, no.  Although in this case it helps attracts flies and traps them in a clear bottle with no escape. . Get rid of the insects by baiting them with a container filled slightly with cider vinegar. The liquid’s strong scent has a slightly sweet note, attracting many fruit flies.

Creating a funnel shape with a piece of paper and placing it in the container directs fruit flies into the trap. Although cider vinegar does not kill the pests, you can use it to capture them and release them elsewhere.

Confusing the Group

Ants use an invisible trail to guide their colony to another location. If you break this trail, chaos quickly ensues among the ants, which then look for shelter rather than following their leader. Using a mixture of vinegar and water, simply spray or wipe away the ant trail.

Remove all tempting ant treats, such as exposed compost piles, and keep your home’s crevices filled with caulk to avoid indoor ant infestations. Vinegar mixed with coconut oil deters spiders. Spray the mixture in areas where spiders spin their webs. They’ll avoid the areas and look for untreated spaces.

Deterring Garden Bugs

A solution mixture of 2 gallons of warm water, 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 2 tablespoons each of canola oil, vinegar and oil soap creates an all-purpose bug spray for garden plants.  Avoid using the spray earlier in the day because sun-scalding on the plants may result.

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