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How to Take Care of a Lawn Bald Spot


A Common Problem

A lawn bald spot is often caused by an animal, but it can be fixed by cleaning the area and preparing the soil properly. By understanding the causes of lawn bald spot, and utilizing some of these suggestions, you can own a dog and maintain a beautiful lawn at the same time.

Methods for Preventing Grass Damage From Pets

One effective method to minimize lawn damage is to soak the area with water within 8 hours after urination. Use a garden hose or simply carry out a watering can or jug with you. The water will dilute the nitrogen and prevent the damage.

You could designate an area of your yard for your pet to eliminate and train her to use that area only. it could just be an out of sight area or corner of the yard. You can purchase a “pee post” with special pheromones that will attract the dog to where the post is placed, or collect some of the dog’s urine and feces and place in the spot until they catch on. You’ll need to spend time training your dog initially to use their new spot, but it can be well worth the effort in the end.

You can sprinkle lime fertilizer onto the lawn bald spot where your dog urinates. Lime neutralizes the soil’s pH and prevents grass damage. Another option is to use gypsum pellets which expand in water to break up the soil.

Small areas of brown grass will often regenerate themselves in time. Other areas may need re-seeding or sodding. The most resistant grasses seem to be perennial ryegrasses and fescues. The most sensitive tend to be Kentucky Bluegrass and Bermuda.

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