rats rodents repellent using mint

Does Mint Repel Rats?

rats rodents repellent using mint
Evil Rats

Rats are a menace to every home. These pests eat your foods, enter the trash and even eat the plants in the garden. You can also catch diseases due to rat urine. But, don’t worry! The best rat repellents are the solution to your problem. 

What are Rat Repellents?

Rat repellents or rodent deterrents are substances that repel rodents. The best rat repellent has a deterrent smell that’s very unpleasant to rats. The pests would run away when they smell the repellent.

You might also hear your neighbor or friend saying that he or she uses natural rat repellent. If you’re not familiar, it consists of oil, geranium oils, peppermint oil and more. According to a study conducted in 2010, natural rat repellents can solve your rat problem. But, how effective are natural rat repellents in getting rid of these pests?

Does Mint Repel Rats?

Mint gives a pleasant aroma, but rats don’t like it.  You take a few drops of peppermint to soak rags or cotton balls.  You can also use varieties of peppermint that are dry and fresh to repel the rats. Another great method is a spray to mint that comes from mint leaves. It’s a good option in repelling the rats from its hiding places. 

mint plant herbs
Mint Plant in Garden

Mint is a great herb to plant in beds around your house.  Not only does it help to keep rodents away, it’s also great for cooking with or adding to your tea.  Be careful though, mint will spread easily and takeover a garden bed if you’re not keeping it under control.

Mint is Safe to People

Mint has a pleasant aroma that leaves no side effects on people. You have no problems in using it inside the house. Your pets wouldn’t be affected by the smell as well.  Due to its humane feature, you have no trouble in using it anytime.

But, rats don’t like the smell that makes them go away fast.  You can use cotton balls and sprays to drive the rodents away.

Mint Can Cover Large Areas

Have you tried mint sprays? You should because you can cover large areas with it that are infested by rats. You get a large number of mint leaves and spray this inside cabinets or storage spaces. It can become the best rat repellent if you use it properly.

So, you take caution and the right steps in using it at home or in the office.

Pepper Mint Rat Repellents Offer Excellent Guides

The best rat repellent that has mint ingredient has a detailed guide for using the product. So, you wouldn’t have a problem in proving its effectiveness. From the guides, you would know a variety of options in using mint to drive rats away.

You can also weigh the effectiveness of each option in preventing rodents or rats. From here, you can expect good results by preventing rat problems at home.

Mint proves to be one of the best rats repellent you can use at home. But, it doesn’t guarantee success if a home or building is full of rats. You still need to use a more effective rat repellent to get rid of the rodents.

You can have the best rat repellent that offers you the best results in solving rat problems. Thus, you choose from the best rat deterrents in the market today!  Click this link for great options on rat repellents: 

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